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New to Mortgage Industry?

Trying to process your deal by your own but unable to?

Hard to find right information right time for your client's deal?

Your Team-leader is too busy to help?

Tired of looking around for the information and not getting anywhere?

You are not alone!

Experiencing this level of frustration is the norm in the industry, our team leaders and mortgage agents have gone through similar experiences and we completely understand your frustration, which is why we came up with a unique solution for you:


A Comprehensive Advanced mortgage training and workshop program!*

This is a first in class and unique program in this industry tailored for new or under 2 years experience Mortgage Agents.

This program helps you to reduce your 2 years learning-curve to few months!


We provide a full training & support on your deals:

 How to get clients information

Which lender and program to chose

How to get my next client

What to ask and what not to ask from my clients

How to package my deal and make a winning application

What to write and tell to the lender

How to close more deals

How to do my marketing and business plan

How to deal with lenders objections and request

What documents I need

How to deal with compliance

What to do with Filogix, Boss software

...And a lot more !

 "We don’t teach you just mortgages, we teach you mortgage business!"

 Our service to our agent does not end here, we support you through out processing your clients’ deals from initial interview all the way to final closing. Additionally, we are continually expanding our online and print marketing efforts to generate huge lead exposure for our agents.  This helps our team to get connected with many potential clients.



 Make sure you can bring the following with you:

Ensure you have a business mind set and salesmanship skills

Ensure you plan to build a sustainable business with a 6 digits income

Ensure you believe that investing in yourself is the best investment

Ensure that you have people skills and you are good with numbers


 "On top of the above training and ongoing support, we are offering a competitive commission split to our agents!"

 If you think this is the right opportunity for you ... LET'S TALK!




 *We are not provider of Mortgage Agent Certificat Course. Our program is complimentary & professional development. Mortgage Agent Certificate is a must to be able to work in the industry. However, you do not need to have it at the time of application. We can help you to obtain it latter after the interview processe.

With Our program you can obtain professional development to build your business on a solid ground.

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